Berit Spieker, DVM
(312) 217-7199
My Services
  • Hourly, daily or weekly Veterinary relief work in the Chicagoland area
  • General appointments (30 min preferred)
  • Emergency exams
  • Outpatient and inpatient services
  • Dental procedures, including dental radiology and extractions provided after familiarization with facility and staff (a service for permanent relief hospitals)
  • Soft tissue surgery (such as laceration repairs, skin or SQ-mass removals, cystotomies, spay/neuters, tail or digit amputations, etc.) provided after familiarization with facility and staff (a service for permanent relief hospitals)
  • Management of client follow up
  • Detailed medical record keeping
  • Dogs and Cats exclusively

The COVID-19 pandemic comes with many challenges including for veterinary hospitals, their clients and their staff. I will continue to accept relief shifts in hospitals that adhere to the AVMA/CDC and state guidelines. I am accepting shifts in hospitals with no direct client contact other than during euthanasias. All staff members and clients should be wearing masks, and hands, surfaces, and commonly used equipment should be frequent cleaned. I will bring my own mask, I am fully vaccinated, and I will help keep your hospital staff and clients safe! I will not enforce my 30-day cancellation policy if a hospital has to close for reasons related to COVID. I will not be able to work with a staff member who is a COVID suspect or tested positive for COVID within the last 7 days prior to my scheduled shift. Please kindly let me know asap if this is the case. 

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